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Types of Villas and Townhouses in Dubai

Posted by cafedetech on June 12, 2024

Spanish-styled, Contemporary-styles, Arabic-styles and Mediterranean-style villas and townhouses are available for sale in Dubai. Both are popular living choices for locals and foreign nationals as they are designed to offer a prestigious, deluxe yet serene lifestyle. 

Villa VS Townhouse

No doubt, both residential options offer an exclusive lifestyle to residents and create memories along with their loved ones. However, there is a significant difference between a townhouse and a villa in Dubai. The structure and design of both differ from each other. A villa is normally larger in size, laced with private gardens, swimming pools and numerous other high-end facilities and is deemed a stand-alone property. On the other hand, a townhouse is normally smaller than a villa and shares one or more walls with neighboring properties. 

Furthermore, a villa offers a deluxe lifestyle and ensures the privacy of its residents. On the flip side, a townhouse represents a community lifestyle and generally attracts families who are prone to become a part of community living. 

As we know villas are larger in size and offer premium lifestyle facilities and amenities. So, they are quite expensive. However, townhouses also allow residents to enjoy shared facilities and live their lives on their own terms but they are not that expensive.

Types Of Villas And Townhouses In Dubai:

Contemporary Villas And Townhouses

This type of villa and townhouse represents the architecture and design of the modish world, blending luxury with functionality to meet the demands and requirements of residents. Generally, these are expensive living spaces that offer exclusive and serene living environments.  You can also find innovative elements and ever-changing architectural styles to meet the continuously evolving living standards.

Spanish-Style Villas And Townhouses

Spanish-type villas and townhouses are quite popular these days in Dubai. You will find classic small windows, roofs made of wooden beams, thick walls, abode brickwork and ornate archways in these types of living structures. Villas often include spacious courtyards, lush gardens and outdoor living spaces to produce a cozy yet stylish living ambiance. 

Classic Villas And Townhouse

Villas and townhouses based on this lifestyle normally accentuate the glimpse of a lifestyle that was prevalent at the time of ancient Greeks and Romans. Designed with the concept: beauty, solidity and usefulness, these types of villas and apartments portray lavishness and richness, allowing residents to feel the utmost relish and joy and create memories along with their loved ones.

Mediterranean-Style Villas And Townhouses

These types of villas and townhouses are a blend of Italian and Spanish architecture that exudes modernity, luxury and opulence. This pattern of architecture emerged in the 1920s and is used to harmonize luxury, grandeur and simplicity. This type of style is divided into three categories: modern Mediterranean, Italian Renaissance and Spanish Revival. 

Arabic-Style Villas And Townhouses

This is a prominent infrastructure style in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. These types of villas and townhouses are famous because of their magnificence. You can find lush gardens, expensive courtyards and shaded outdoor areas to enjoy your moments on your own terms. Both old and modern Arabic architectural designs are infused in order to add a touch of modernism to the ancient aesthetics, advancing a pristine, deluxe yet comfortable lifestyle.

Townhouse Vs Villa: Which Is Better To Live

Both villas and townhouses offer convenient living and cater to the needs of modern people. A villa extends a serene lifestyle and maintains a level of privacy. Furthermore, it offers exclusive facilities and amenities such as private gardens, modern living places, swimming pools, etc. On the contrary, townhouses are designed to provide a community-oriented lifestyle to foster social interaction. The choice between a villa and a townhouse mainly depends on an individual’s preferences. The cost factor also plays a pivotal role in this decision.

Things To Consider If You Want To Live In A Townhouse:

  • A townhouse is easy to maintain because it covers less area than a villa. Furthermore, more than one family can share a single house because townhouses have more than one floor. Given this, things related to maintenance can be divided.
  • Though you cannot have the luxury of a garden in a townhouse. However, there is a terrace for relaxation
  • You may also find a basement and indoor parking space in a  townhouse
  • Based on the RERA Rental Calculator, we can state that renting a townhouse in Dubai, UAE is quite easy because the rent of a townhouse is lower than that of a villa
  • You may not have exclusive private facilities and amenities in a townhouse but you may have access to shared communities such as a gymnasium, swimming pools and garden

Things To Consider If You |Want To Live In A Villa:

  • Living in a villa is an expensive choice. Whether you intend to rent or buy a villa, it will cost more than buying or renting a townhouse
  • Maintenance costs will also be higher if you decide to live in a villa because a villa has more covered space
  • You may also face transportation-related issues. So, consider the location factor too when buying or renting an apartment
  • Consider living in a villa if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest and enjoy the luxury of private swimming pools and gymnasium 
  • You can also list your villa for rent to generate returns. A villa typically produces higher ROI than a townhouse

The Bottom Line:

Both villas and townhouses are types of residential properties that offer luxury yet serene lifestyles to residents. There are a number of types of villas and townhouses such as classic villas and townhouses, Arabic-style villas and townhouses, Mediterranean-style villas and Townhouses, etc. The choice between a villa and a townhouse mainly depends on personal preferences, financial means and lifestyle priorities. Villas offer a more private and exclusive lifestyle. However, townhouses extend a sense of community living.

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What is the difference between a townhouse and a villa?

A villa has a more covered area. There are private gymnasiums, private gardens and maximum privacy in villas. On the other hand, A townhouse is a multi-floor building that offers shared facilities and amenities. A townhouse mainly has a smaller entrance than a villa.

Is it better to invest in a villa?

If you aim to feel the utmost luxury, deluxe and serenity then buying or renting a villa in Dubai is one of the best options. Villas offer maximum privacy and attract people who prioritize privacy and security. 

Are there waterfront villas available in Dubai?

Yes. Dubai offers a number of waterfront villas in different neighborhoods. These villas are located in prime areas of Dubai and are created to offer upscale living, making residents enjoy high-end facilities and breathtaking views.


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