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Off-Plan Properties in Dubai: Benefits & Buying Guide

Posted by Kelt&corealty on February 26, 2024
Off Plan Properties in Dubai

The real estate sector in Dubai is expanding rapidly. It has altered the business dimensions in Dubai. Its matchless untapped potential, investors’ interest, and ever-changing infrastructure are expanding the domain of this sector. Furthermore, the concept of Off-plan properties in Dubai has become evenly popular because it allows easy access to desired properties.

If you want to invest in Dubai or buy off-plan properties, then you have come to the right place. We will help you comprehend this concept, its benefits and the process of buying an off-line property in Dubai.

What Exactly Is Off-Plan Property In Dubai?

This type of property is referred to the real estate which is purchased before its completion. It means you can even buy a property which is in the construction phase. Buying a property before finishing its construction is called off-plan property. You pay a downpayment and sign an agreement while buying such kind of real estate. 

Basically, you buy real estate which has yet to be constructed. Normally, these projects are marketed through brochures and other channels. This method helps people purchase a property at the current rate and get exceptional appreciation or profit upon completion.

Benefits Of Buying An Off-Plan Property:

Expats can also purchase an under-construction real estate in Dubai. It is deemed the best way to buy an inventory, especially for people who cannot afford to pay a lump sum payment. With this purchasing method, you can complete your dream of having an apartment, villa or any other property in Dubai.

Lower Up-Front Price And Flexible Payment Plans

Given the status of development and investors’ propensity, buying a property in Dubai is not a child’s play. It is not easy to be a proper owner in the world’s fastest growing city. But you can materialize your dream via an off-plan real estate deal. 

You can purchase property at the lowest possible price. The initial payment is quite low as compared to the overall value of a unit. An investor will have to pay a part of the total payment. It may range from 20% to 80%. The remaining payment can be paid gradually in instalments. 

High Returns On Investment (ROI)

The value of a specific property appreciates greatly after construction. Factors such as the location of real estate, demand for land, government policies and overall economic position also influence profit margin. Generally, the value of property increases upon completion of a project.

High Rental Yield

Buying an off-plan property in Dubai also offers a high rental yield. Several factors contribute to it. First of all, it has become a hub of tourism. People around the globe come to explore this city. This trend is only increasing day by day. Additionally, because of continuous development and a growing economy, people come here for job purposes, increasing the demand for rental properties.

Flexibility To Choose A Unit

You can choose your desired unit based on your aspiration, budget and specific requirements. You can consider size, layouts and even views before purchasing an off-plan property. It means options are not limited, and a person has a variety of options to choose from.

A Chance To Settle In Emerging Areas

Many people prefer buying a property in emerging areas. It leverages people. These developing areas grow continuously. Furthermore, new development brings innovation, and developers attract people by providing state-of-the-art facilities and amenities and improving the lifestyle of residents, increasing the demand gradually.

Disadvantages Of Buying Off-Plan Properties In Dubai:

While we are learning about the concept of purchasing properties before completion and their benefits, we cannot deny the risk factors. As a buyer, you need to be aware of every possible pros and cons of this specific concept to make wise decisions and prevent the waste of your hard-earned money.

Though a developer tries to assure you about the completion deadline and makes promises, sometimes, real estate projects get delayed for several reasons, leading to delayed possession. Market fluctuations can also hinder the timely acquisition of your purchased inventory. 

That’s why it is necessary to conduct thorough research and learn about the track record of a developer, market position and associated risk factors. 

What Documents Are Needed To Purchase An Off-Plan Property In Dubai?

It is a complex process and entails several steps. A person interested in buying such types of inventory should get the services of an adept real estate agent to complete the process smoothly.

The following Documents Are Necessary To Buy An Under-Construction Property’s Unit

  • A Copy Of Emirates ID
  • A Copy Of Passport
  • Visa Page Copy
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Reservation Form
  • Mortgage Contract (If Needed)

A buyer is required to provide the above-mentioned documents to the developer and DLD to complete the verification process.

Things To Do Before Buying An Off-Line Property In Dubai:

Find A Reputable Developer: You need to research thoroughly to find a reputable and trustworthy developer. A developer with extensive experience can be easily trusted because he completes his projects within stipulated timelines and does not let the project be delayed. Also, review a developer’s past projects and check for complaints or penalties against him.

Evaluate The Location: The most important thing to consider is the location of a specific real estate project. A project located at a prime location garners the attention of investors, and its demand is always high. Choose a project that can be accessed easily and is located near landmark areas.

Scrutinize Payment Plan: Read the payment plan carefully and ensure that this payment suits your interest and does not lead to any mishap. Everything regarding the payment structure should be clear before finalizing your deal. 


Buying an off-plan property in Dubai is a good decision. It means you are purchasing a unit before the completion of a project. Normally, this concept refers to the purchase of an inventory from an under-construction project. Buying a property before its development reduces the cost factor and also allows a buyer to get more ROIs.

If you are interested in buying an Off-Plan property, evaluate a developer’s credibility, learn about the project details, consider the location factor, and then decide. Whether you buy or sell a project, you can get assistance from Kelt and Co Realty. Our trained and adept experts will walk you through this complex process and make you win the game.


How to buy off-plan property in Dubai? 

Thoroughly learn about the project, select a reputable and trustworthy developer, consider the location factor and above all, get the services of a real estate agent and then proceed with the deal.

Is it worth-buying off-plan property in Dubai?

Yes. It is a good choice if you consider buying off-plan property in Dubai because the value appreciates once a project finishes. You can earn a high ROI, and you also do not need to make a lump sum payment at the time of agreement.

Are off-plan projects more expensive than ready ones?

No. They are deemed cheaper than ready ones. Their price is lower, and a buyer can even save a significant amount by purchasing an off-plan property.

Can I sell my off-plan property before completion?

It depends on the terms and conditions of a specific project. Normally, people are allowed to sell their off-plan properties. But some developers do not allow it. 


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