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Kelt & Co Realty will be honored to facilitate you with handling any commercial asset, whether you are a buyer, seller, or an investor. We offer a whole service experience across office spaces, retail units, shops, warehouses, commercial villas, entire buildings, factories, showrooms, land plots, labor camps, and staff accommodation.

Our team of experts will guide you in selecting a suitable commercial space according to your requirements to make the optimum decision. Our team will analyze different aspects, such as your budget, desired location, and investment return, enabling you to get the best deal. 

Our strong team of experts will provide full support, following every step of your journey in Dubai’s commercial real estate. Our services extend to brokerage and consultancy, advisory, valuation, and property management.

How can we assist you?

Commercial Buildings

We will assist our clients in any purchase, whether you’re buying a complete for or the entire building. We can help you find the right commercial property with our expert analysis team.

Retail Spaces

Retail Spaces allow foreigners to start their business quickly in the UAE. They are considered one of the most popular forms of business. A compact retail outlet or a supermarket can be viewed as a Retail Store/Space. The most popular areas are Dubai Marina and International City.

Offices and Co-Working Spaces

Dubai is becoming a global economic and business hub, and many individuals and companies have shifted their operations to Dubai. This has resulted in an increased demand for offices and co-working spaces. They can be located in apartment buildings, shopping complexes, and free-standing buildings. The offices and co-working spaces offer high returns and look like a safe investment.

Showrooms and Warehouses

With increased population and investment, Dubai’s demand for standard and luxurious sports cars is rising. People are investing more in showrooms as they offer a high return on investment. It is a relatively new ad that is gaining a lot of popularity.

Acquiring a warehouse in Dubai in a free zone is possible. The most popular areas to obtain warehouses in commercial, industrial, and port areas are Jebel Ali, Al Quoz, Dubai Investment Park, and Ras Al Khor. 

Land Plots

Land is classified into two types: Industrial Land, which is only allowed to be used for the construction or expansion of a factory, development of a warehouse, or development of a manufacturing plant. The other type is land used for mixed purposes. This comprises either developing a commercial or a residential building.  

The government allows Foreign nationals to rent or lease a plot of land for a maximum period of 99 years.

Factories and Labour Camps

In Dubai, seven industrial zones are set aside for factories and plants. Here, you can buy a ready-made enterprise or run your facility. Many employers who hire foreign employees for labor work or are in the service industry construct or lease labor camps near the facility for their convenience.

How do we work?

Kelt & Co Realty focuses on running extensive market research and developing strategies that will help identify the client’s needs and requirements. Moreover,  we also try to plan how to sell our client’s property as quickly as possible and find the right buyer while covering all the legal and administrative aspects of the process.

Market Analysis

Kelt & Co Realty has a marketing team with experienced professionals focused on researching and shortlisting properties with high rates of return on investments that will benefit our clients. Since our experts have access to up-to-date statistical data and audit reports, we can objectively assess the commercial property, its risks and benefits, and make accurate predictions on the effectiveness of investments for your business.

Identify Your Needs

Before purchasing a property, we will run comprehensive research and analysis on your needs for the property. Then, find suitable options that fit your needs and maximize your profit in the future. Moreover, we will find potential tenants and devise a marketing strategy to promote the property.

Kelt & Co Realty provides professional property management services, including handling everything from finding and communicating with the tenant to drawing up a contract and facility maintenance.  

Quick Sale of Commercial Commercial Assets

With local and foreign investors at our disposal, we will find a suitable buyer for your property and conduct the process of selling your commercial asset with 100% transparency. The process will be carried out with one goal: to find a favorable deal for our client and maximize their profit. 

We can also run marketing campaigns locally and internationally and attract even more investors to get a better deal for our client.

Preparation of Documents

Our Legal Team will be at your disposal to prepare all the necessary documents, including purchase/sale/leaseback agreements, business licenses, income and expense reports, and more. We will be happy and available to assist you in any legal or administrative matter related to Dubai’s commercial real estate market and the intricacies of the local legislation. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

The UAE’s real estate sector contributes around 5.5% of the GDP of the country, and it has been on the rise since 2022 as both rental rates and home prices have increased. Dubai’s transaction volume reached its highest level for the first quarter ever observed in the area in the first quarter of 2022.

In Dubai, investors can choose between villas, apartments, townhouses, penthouses, duplexes, and plots and lands.

In Dubai, there are specific zones where foreigners can purchase real estate. These locations, such as the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, and Jumeirah Beach Residence, are decided upon by the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

Real estate purchases in Dubai may result in the buyer receiving a residence permit. The property must be finished at the time of purchase and worth at least AED 1 million to qualify for the UAE investor visa program. Dependents may also be sponsored by real estate purchase residence visa holders.

The real estate industry in the UAE is anticipated to increase by 2.97% between 2023 and 2028, reaching a market volume of US$0.80 trillion by that year. The important characteristic that makes the UAE a desirable location for real estate investment is what is driving this expansion.

Here are some tips to invest in UAE real estate:

  • Know About Different Property Types and Their Worth
  • Research the Market Status and Risks
  • Property Investment in Dubai
  • Don’t Sacrifice Location
  • Choose Areas with High Rents and Demand
  • Spend Time in the Area
  • Luxury Property Buyers Should Have Financial Resources
  • Investing in Residential Properties Offers Shortcuts for Legal Residency
  • Seek Expert Advice When Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Yes, foreigners are permitted to purchase real estate in the UAE. There are, however, certain geographical limitations. Citizens of the UAE or the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) may buy real estate anywhere in Dubai.

There is no taxation on owning properties in Dubai.

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