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How To Buy Property In Dubai?

Posted by cafedetech on June 17, 2024

Whether you are looking for your dream home, aiming to live a deluxe yet serene lifestyle, or earning profit from your real estate investment, Dubai is the most favorable place to consider for property investment. The luxurious lifestyle that it offers, a range of commercial and residential investment opportunities, stunning skylines, and tax advantages have made it a hotspot for real estate investors.

Dubai’s real estate sector is growing rapidly. It attracts local and foreign investors because of its high-end offerings. If you aim to invest in Dubai, you must understand the real estate buying process to make a prudent decision. This guide will help you understand the property buying process in Dubai.

The Law That Allows Real Estate Investment In Dubai:

Article 4 of the Law. No. 7 of 2006 defines who can buy real estate in Dubai. According to the law, UAE and GCC residents are entitled to buy property anywhere in Dubai. Foreign nationals and expats can also purchase and own properties in some designated areas of Dubai, called freehold zones. 

Types Of Property Ownership In Dubai:

Freehold Property

A freehold property offers exclusive ownership rights to property owners. A person who purchases a freehold property enjoys complete ownership rights and can also use his property as he desires. 

Leasehold Property

These types of properties cannot be completely owned by buyers. A buyer owns a leasehold property for a specific period. The duration of this term can be up to 99 years. 

Why Invest In Dubai?

Real estate investment in Dubai offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive destination for property-related investments.

  • This metropolitan city offers a range of real estate investment options, allowing people to choose the most viable property based on their specific interests and financial means
  • Property prices per square foot in Dubai are comparatively lower than many countries that offer luxury real estate, making it an affordable luxury real estate investment destination
  • Because of excessively high demand, rental real estate produces high ROI
  • Gross rental yield in Dubai ranges somewhere between 5-9%
  • Property investment in Dubai enables investors to obtain a renewable residency visa
  • There are no income or capital gain taxes in Dubai, making property investment tax-free and attracting investors from all around the world. 

How To Buy Property In Dubai?

First of all, you should analyze your financial conditions to decide the type and size of property that you can afford. If you know about your financial limits, you will only consider property that falls under your financial means. It is better to get a pre-mortgage certificate to streamline your real estate buying process.

Get the services of a professional real estate agent. Kelt & Co Realty’s real estate agent will not only find the most suitable property option based on your needs and financial means but also walk you through the entire process.

Prepare Your Buyer/Seller Contract

After choosing a property based on your preferences and needs, start negotiating terms and conditions. Consider factors such as location, market trends, type and size of property, and supply and demand dynamics in that particular area. If you have any concerns, talk to the property owner and ensure that every term and condition is mentioned in the buyer/seller contract. Ensure that you have read and completely understood every term and condition.

Sign The Sales Agreement

Download the sales contract, known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) website. Add your decided terms and conditions and sign the agreement at the Registration Trustee’s office. Along with that, you should pay 10% of the total amount as a security deposit to the Registration Trustee.

Seek For No Objection Certificate

Get a No Objection Certificate from the developer and finalize the ownership transfer process. This certificate ensures that there are no outstanding charges on that property. 

Transfer The Ownership With DLD

Prepare the following documents

  • A payable check for the property
  • Original identification documents
  • Original NOC Certificate
  • Signed F Form

Submit these documents at the DLD office and pay transfer and registration fees as required by the DLD. After transferring the property, the DLD will issue a title deed in your name as legal proof of ownership. If you want to buy property for sale in Dubai or a villa for sale in Dubai, you need to get the title deed to ensure your ownership of your purchased property

Fees Include In Property Transfer Process:

  • Title Deed issue fee: AED 580
  • DLD admin fee:   AED 4,200
  • DLD Fee:          4% of the total value of the property

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Real Estate In Dubai:

Before moving to the actual property buying procedure in Dubai, you must consider the following factors to make your Dubai real estate investment successful.


The location of a property determines its value and worth. When buying real estate, you should always strive to find a property that is located in a significant location and is easily accessible. If you purchase a property in a prime location, you will be able to earn a high ROI from this investment.

Market Conditions

Market analysis is also imperative before purchasing a property. You should analyze the real estate market thoroughly to determine the price bracket for a specific property. This will help you understand whether the price is fair or stable and choose the best time to buy.

Available Facilities And Amenities

Do not forget to consider the availability of facilities and amenities such as advanced educational institutes, health facilities,  road networks, transportation facilities and recreational facilities. 

Summing Up:

Dubai is one of the best places to consider when investing in real estate. Whether you intend to buy ready-to-move-in or off-plan commercial or residential property, Dubai offers immense benefits. Not only does it offer an investment-friendly environment, but also property buyers generate high ROI by renting and selling their properties. Choose a property, negotiate terms and conditions, prepare a buyer/seller agreement, sign the sales agreement, look for an NOC from the developer, and then go for the property transfer process at the DLD office. Submit the asked documents, pay the required fees and get the property transfer process done at the DLD.

Before Buying Real Estate: Choose A Trustworthy Partner

 If you are going to buy a commercial or residential property in Dubai, then get the services of Kelt & Co Realty. It is a Dubai-based real estate agency that facilitates locals and foreign nationals’ purchase of ready-to-move-in, off-plan commercial and residential property in Dubai. Our professionals find properties based on our clients’ demands and preferences to meet their specific objectives.


Can a foreigner buy a house in Dubai?

Yes. A foreign national or expat can buy a house in Dubai. Foreigners can buy properties in designated areas called freehold zones. These areas include Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, etc.

What are the steps I should follow to buy property in Dubai?

Find a property and negotiate terms and conditions
Prepare buyers/sellers’ contract
Sign the sales agreement
Apply for no objection certificate
Transfer property  ownership at the registration office

Can I stay in Dubai if I buy a property?

After buying property in Dubai, you can apply for a renewable residence visa. If you buy real estate, you can stay for an extended period.

Can I own 100% real estate in Dubai?

Yes. You can own exclusive ownership rights if you buy a freehold property in Dubai. Freehold property purchase offers complete ownership rights and freedom to use property based on your desires.


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