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Inspecting a Rental Property Before Signing a Lease

Posted by Kelt&corealty on May 15, 2024

Everyone should inspect a rental property before signing a lease agreement to avert disputes that may arise between landlords and tenants. A thorough inspection allows tenants to assess the condition of the property, identify damages or maintenance-related issues, and ensure that the facilities and amenities are available. 

The iconic skyline, world-class amenities and thriving business environment make Dubai one of the most sought-after places for living and work.  People from all over the world visit it for various purposes. Many of them cannot afford to buy a residential unit or decide to live in a rental property based on the nature of their visit, improving its rental real estate domain.  

Why Should One Get Inspection Done As A Renter?

Often, people forget or neglect property inspection and simply move into a rental property. However, this should not be the case. If one neglects the inspection part and signs the agreement, he may have to face issues later on related to maintenance and, in a worse scenario, legal trouble because a landlord might blame a faultless tenant for damage or malfunctions.

Consider Property Inspection Before Signing Agreement For The Following Reasons:

  • To evaluate the condition of the property and find out any existing damage or issue related to maintenance
  • To assess whether the property is in good condition and all appliances are working properly
  • To measure whether amenities and features mentioned in the advertisement are available there
  • To assess whether the property needs repair or fixation and discuss with the landlord or property manager
  • To prevent potential disputes or disagreements regarding the condition of the property
  • To avoid unexpected repairs or costs that may incur upon you because of initial negligence

Inspecting rental property in Dubai is imperative.  It secures your security deposits and also prevents you from useless expenses.

Rental Property Inspection Laws In Dubai:

The law allows tenants to inspect the rental property before signing the lease agreement. It is crucial to evaluate the property and satisfy yourself before moving to the next step: signing the agreement. A tenant should inspect the property and inform the landlord if he finds any damage, fault, or repair. If a tenant neglects property inspection, he may have troubles because he will not have anything to counter a landlord’s claim if he raises any issue.

At What Time Should You Go For Inspection?

Before signing the lease agreement, you should evaluate the property thoroughly. Pay due attention, find out and inform the landlord if you find anything that needs repair or maintenance. You do not need to spend a whole day. However, do not leave any area of that property without proper evaluation. It is worth considering to avoid unnecessary disputes and costs.

What Time Should You Go For Inspection

Also, assess the property when you move in. Give it proper time and attention to ensure it does not require repair and maintenance. On the other hand, if you observe any issue,  document it and inform the landlord to avoid any trouble. 

While leaving the property, make sure you inspect it properly after removing your belongings. Ask the landlord to inspect with you because landlords usually satisfy themselves before refunding security deposits

Inspection Checklist:

You should create a checklist and complete it while inspecting the rental property. If you find any issues or problems, note them down in detail. Mention everything you consider important in relation to that particular fault or problem. You can mark “OK” next to the areas that are in good condition and do not require any repair or maintenance.

Your Checklist Should Include

  • Structural Features
  • Heating
  • Light and Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Trash and Garbage Disposal
  • Pest Control
  • Security Measures
  • Features

An Important Point To Consider

You can take advantage of technology while inspecting a property. Take photos or make a video of issues or the whole property and share it with the landlord to ensure that everything is fair and transparent and you are not facing any trouble. When you go for an inspection, you can take photos or make a video to be used as evidence if any issue arises later.

Further, if you observe any problem or repair during the inspection, make sure it is fixed in a timely manner. Inform the landlord or property management company to repair the defect or damage before you move into that property. Pre-existing damages should be resolved promptly to avoid any hassle related to that particular matter.

Summing Up:

Rental real estate has acquired a significant part of Dubai’s real estate. People are coming to Dubai for various purposes. Some want to visit or explore it, and some come here to seek employment or business opportunities. The continuous influx of people has increased the demand and domain of rental property business in Dubai.

If you are seeking a rental property then you should inspect the property before signing the lease agreement. Pre-signing evaluation is critical as it will help you identify any issue or damage and get it repaired promptly without incurring the burden of its cost. Do not ever neglect as you may get into unnecessary trouble.

Experts Are Here For Inspection Services:

Real estate companies or professionals help you find the most viable option and deal with complex legal matters. Kelt & Co Realty is a real estate agency operating in Dubai. This property company brings sophisticated investment options and also assists people in buying and selling real estate in Dubai. Further, if you are seeking inspection-related services to evaluate a rented property then Kelt & Co Realty Professionals are there to inspect a rental property. You are suggested to get Kelt & Co Realty’s property inspection services to avoid any possible inconvenience. 


Is it a good idea to inspect a rental property in Dubai?

Yes. It is worth considering inspecting a property even before signing the lease agreement. You should ensure everything is clear and properly documented. This inspection will prevent you from unnecessary expenses and also get defects or damages fixed promptly.

What are the tenants’ rights in Dubai in case of a rental dispute?

In the first place, they should discuss the matter with the landlord or property manager and try to resolve any issue amicably. However, if they fail to find a mutual ground then tenants have the right to submit a complaint to the rental dispute center (RDC) in Dubai to get the dispute resolved.

What to check during the property inspection?

A tenant must go for a thorough inspection before signing a lease agreement. He should assess everything from the exterior to plumbing to pest control to ensure that the property is in good condition and you are going to live in a safe and secure place.

Can a tenant request repairs or improvements based on the inspection findings?

Yes. A tenant should inform the landlord or communicate his concerns and request repairs or improvements related to that property. A tenant must conduct a thorough inspection before signing the lease agreement.


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