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Latest Projects By Nakheel And Meraas

Posted by cafedetech on July 9, 2024

Meraas and Nakheel are prominent Dubai-based real estate companies. Both companies have developed numerous renowned real estate projects. They have played a significant contribution to the development of Dubai’s skyline. Meraas and Nakheel Properties have earned a decent reputation in luxury real estate by developing innovative, sustainable, modern and sophisticated developments. 

Nakheel Properties:

It is renowned because of its ambitious and transformative real estate projects that played a crucial role in changing the landscape of Dubai’s property sector. It has developed numerous lavish projects such as Palm Jumeirah. Since 2001, Nakheel Properties has been serving the real sector and relentlessly pushing its boundaries and limits to shape a better tomorrow and provide people with modern living facilities.


Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktoum has led the foundation of this property company with the vision to develop modern and sophisticated real estate developments and be the leader in the development sector. Its design philosophy sparks creativity, innovation and passion to do wonders. Properties for sale by Meraas offer a dynamic place to live, enjoy, and create the best moments.

Upcoming Projects By Nakheel Properties:


Naya at District One by Nakheel Properties features 1 to 4-bedroom luxurious apartments and 3- 3-bedroom splendid villas in MBR city. Three towers of 12, 16 and 19 floors extend stunning views of crystal lagoons and Dubai Skyline. It is a lavish family hosting that resonates with your aspiration for luxury living. The availability of ultra-luxury facilities and amenities, prime location, easy accessibility, eye-catching and serene views and exceptional surroundings make this project a worth considering project, especially if you desire to live an exceptional lifestyle and make every passing moment memorable.

The Palm Crown

The Palm Crown by Nakheel Properties is an esteemed project located on Palm Jumeirah. Investors can find here freehold-type apartments for investment. This project is located at a prominent destination and is easily accessible from key areas of Dubai. Whether you intend to live your desired lifestyle or aim to earn profit through your investments then the Palm Crown is a decent investment.

Rixos Phase 2

Life is beautiful. It demands to live gracefully and explore elegant living places. Rixos Phase 2 is one of the new projects of Nakheel Properties that features 1 to 3-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom penthouses in Dubai Islands. This special project offers spacious and extraordinary living spaces and high-end offerings to improve your living standards and make you live a lifestyle where everything welcomes you with a seductive smile and creates an enchanting backdrop to daily life. 

Bay Villas Dubai Islands

A villa lifestyle offers sophisticated, serene, and spacious living spaces and enables residents to embrace an exclusive lifestyle. Bat Villas by Nakheel Properties is a prominent real estate project that features 3,4 and 5-bedroom villas, allowing residents to live a luxurious lifestyle. Live a lifestyle that resonates with your inner voice and enables you to experience the ultimate contentment, happiness and relish. 

Tilal Al Furjan

Nakheel Properties is developing Tilal Al Furjan. This project features 4 & 5-bedroom villas, allowing families to experience the epitome of relaxation, joy and contentment. Tilal Al Furjan is located at a prime destination, offering easy accessibility. This exquisite villa living attracts discerning real estate investors and luxury enthusiasts as it offers unparalleled luxury, comfort and serenity.

Meraas New Projects:

Verve City Walk

Meraas is developing Verve City Walk. It is a splendid project that offers 1 to 4-bedroom apartments and 5-bedroom penthouses. It seems as if luxury prevails here because every facet of this development exudes a sense of comfort, deluxe and sophistication, inciting investors to choose it for their real estate investment. Invest in Verve City Walk to explore the true meaning of sophistication and luxury and explore one of the most decent living places.

Riwa at MJL

Do not hold yourself back when it comes to luxury living. Life is a gift and use this precious pleasant as a blessing. Explore new places and live a splendid lifestyle. Riwa at MJL offers a contemporary lifestyle in the shape of 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom penthouses in a prominent area. Now is the time to leave the matrix of the middle course and explore the verge of splendor and magnificence.

City Walk Northline

City Walk Northline by Meraas is a luxurious development that offers apartment life. Investors can find 1 to 3-bedroom apartments based on their convenience and preferences. The availability of ultra-luxurious facilities and amenities, its prime location, stunning views and splendid interiors make it your dream place to live your life and produce moments of joy, luxury and happiness. Consider buying an apartment in City Walk Northline to live a beautiful yet exciting life.


Jadeel by Meraas is located at Madinat Jumeirah Living (MJL). This development features 1 to 4-bedroom spacious apartments. It is an innovative and sustainable development that intends to realize your dreams of luxury living. Jadeel lifestyle has no comparison because you not only live a splendid lifestyle and have access to state-of-the-art facilities but also enjoy splendid views of Burj Al Arab and experience the epitome of contentment.

Amalfi Villas

Amalfi Villa by Meraas at Jumeirah Bay features 3,4 and 5-bedroom villas. Meraas intends to set new development standards through this development. It is a wonderful living project that welcomes local and foreign national investors. Foreign investors who desire to explore Dubai’s lavish lifestyle should invest in Amalfi Villas by Meraas to experience the epitome of luxury, deluxe, and serenity. It is time to live your dream life. So, invest now and take advantage of this marvelous project.

Benefits Of Investing In Meraas And Nakheel Properties’ Projects:

  • You need to choose developers who are trusted and reliable and who have proved their capabilities. Nakheel Properties and Merass are prominent luxury real estate development companies. They have delivered a number of renowned projects that accentuate their credibility. So, one can choose to invest in their projects to live a desired lifestyle or earn returns without any negative consideration.
  • Nowadays, everyone aims to live a splendid lifestyle and experience the highest form of satisfaction, solace and happiness. You can only experience such feelings if you are living an exceptional life. Nakheel Properties and Meraas have delivered a range of contemporary developments that are laced with modern facilities and amenities, allowing residents to realize their dream of living an exceptional life.
  • Both these real estate development companies are committed to innovative and sustainable developments to preserve the natural environment by reducing the environmental effects of their development. Investing in their projects is a better choice if you share the same values and intend to play a positive role in protecting the natural environment.
  • Meraas and Nakheel Properties strive to offer a comprehensive living experience to cater to the needs and requirements of their clients. If you also desire to explore a diverse lifestyle where you can live on your own terms then investing in their projects can be one of the best decisions.

Factors To Consider Before Real Estate Investment:

Consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned money to secure your investment and make a wise and informed decision.

Financial Reach

Before investment, analyze your financial means and define your budget for investment. This step will help you choose the most suitable investment option and protect your time and efforts.


The location of a property determines its value and potential for ROI. Always choose a location that is easily accessible from other key areas. A prime location enhances the value of your investment, leading to significant returns through rental income of capital appreciation.

Market Trends

Market trends do not remain the same. They are continuously changing. Before investing in real estate, one needs to analyze the supply and demand trends to comprehend market propensity. This information will help you make an informed decision.

Legal Aspects

Before investing your money, you need to consider legal aspects such as title deeds of a property, registration, approvals and whether a property complies with local rules and regulations to avoid any legal hassle.

Developer Reputation

To prevent yourself from any loss or fraud, you need to research the reputation of a developer. Only consider projects for your investment that are being developed by reputed and trusted developers such as Nakheel Properties and Meraas. A trusted and reliable investor does not compromise on its standards, leading to exceptional developments.

The Bottom Line:

Nakheel and Meraas are prominent Dubai-based real estate development companies. Both developers have delivered a range of luxury real estate projects. They have developed commercial, residential and leisure real estate. The latest projects of Nakheel properties include Naya, The Palm Crown, Bay Villas and Roxos Phase 2 and the latest developments of Meraas include Verve City Walk, City Walk Northline and Riwa at MJL.

Get Experts’ Opinion Before Investing In The Property Sector:

Kelt and Co Realty is a real estate company that brings numerous real estate investment options. If you aim to buy, sell, or rent your properties, you can contact us to make a profitable deal. Our real estate experts are adept at finding the most viable investment option based on your specific requirements and preferences. Visit our office or contact us to find the best investment option in Dubai and make an informed decision.


Who is the owner of Meraas?

Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the owner of Meraas. Under his visionary leadership, Meraas has delivered a range of real estate projects and earned a commendable reputation.

Who is the owner of Nakheel?

Namaan Atallah is the CEO of Nakheel Properties. He is utilizing his 25 years of experience to make it a leading real estate development company. Under his guidance, Nakheel Properties has launched a number of luxury projects.

Is Nakheel and Meydan merged under Dubai Holding?

Yes. Nakheel Properties and Meydan have merged under Dubai Holding. This development will foster the progress of Dubai’s property sector by introducing innovative and contemporary projects.

Who is the CEO of Dubai Holding?

Amit Kaushal is the CEO of Dubai Holding. Since his appointment, he has led several transformative initiatives to foster the growth of Dubai Holding.

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