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How to Lower your Mortgage Payment in the UAE

Posted by Kelt&corealty on May 16, 2024

Monthly loan payments may often lead to financial stress. Indeed, everyone considers all prospects related to mortgage payments before even applying for a home loan. However, unforeseen circumstances may affect your anticipation, making it challenging to keep up loan payments and maintain financial stability, thus leading to anxiety and stress. Given that, one must consider proactive strategies to reduce mortgage payments in order to alleviate the financial burden incurred because of monthly mortgage payments.

Lowering mortgage payments in the UAE ensures timely payments, allows borrowers to manage their financial obligations, and maintains financial stability. In general, reducing loan repayment frees up funds and income for other expenses or investments and enables a borrower to capitalize on new opportunities.

Defining Mortgage Payments:

People often seek mortgages or home loans in order to buy properties in Dubai to fulfill their property ownership aspirations. This mortgage is paid back to the lender in installments. Mortgage payments are usually regular payments or installments made by the borrower to repay the loan borrowed to purchase a property. In simple terms, a mortgage repayment is the amount that a borrower pays back to its lender.

Benefits Of Lowering Your Mortgage Payment In The UAE:

Leads To Financial Stability

Lowering home loan repayment normally improves the financial stability of a borrower by decreasing his monthly financial obligations. It allows a person to use this payment to manage other expenses. He can even invest this payment to generate Profit.

Enhances Saving Potential

Lowering mortgage payments also translates into more saving potential. You can build an emergency fund or save this amount for your retirement plans. It means if you reduce your mortgage payment, you will have more leverage to enhance your savings.

Reduces Financial Stress

Mortgage payment often leads to stress and anxiety. Reducing mortgage payment eliminates stress and anxiety associated with monthly payment issues and allows you to manage your resources in a better way and meet your expenses. 

Investment Options

If you are saving more than usual because of less monthly repayment, you can take advantage of those payments by investing them somewhere else. It may help you increase your real estate portfolio, get a property, and generate more profits.

Flexible Planning

After lowering your monthly payments and increasing your savings, financial planning becomes quite easy. You can direct funds towards your other priorities, such as home improvement, healthcare, and educational expenses, without disturbing your monthly budget.

How To Lower Your Mortgage Payment In The UAE?

Before going deeper, it is imperative to understand some concepts related to mortgages in Dubai. Let’s briefly discuss those concepts in order to have a clear understanding about how can you lower your mortgage payment in the UAE.

What Is Mortgage Early Settlement In the UAE

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A mortgage that has a fixed interest rate for the entire loan term is called a fixed-rate mortgage. The interest rate remains the same from the beginning to the end of the mortgage payments in this type of home loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

The interest rate in these types of mortgages is not fixed. In adjustable-rate mortgages in the UAE, the interest rate changes periodically. Initial interest rates are normally lower than the market rates. However, the interest rate increases over time.

Dubai Mortgage Calculator

It determines the maximum amount of mortgage that one can borrow in Dubai. A mortgage cannot exceed 7 times one’s annual income, and liability payments cannot exceed 50% of one’s salary. These parameters are used to determine an individual’s borrowing capacity in Dubai.

Residential Mortgage

The loan or mortgage taken to buy a primary residence is called a Residential Mortgage. This type of mortgage is used to buy a property where you intend to live after purchasing it. 

Non-Resident Mortgage

A loan considered by non-locals or foreign nationals is dubbed a non-resident mortgage. It allows foreign nationals or expats to explore Dubai’s property market and build real estate in this metropolitan city. 

Residential mortgages are loans taken by people to purchase a property as their primary residence. Renting out or using this place for business is not permitted. You can pick between a variable and fixed interest rate for a residential mortgage.

You will possess complete ownership of the property after the mortgage is paid off. The repayment is scheduled over a specified time. While a typical residential mortgage offers 25 years as the repayment period. A residential mortgage can also be remortgaged.

Mortgage  In the UAE

If you are looking for a residential property, you can find your perfect fit from these residential properties for sale in Dubai

Careful planning is required to lower your mortgage payment in the UAE. Consider the following methods to lower your home loan payments and improve your financial standing.

Refinance Your Mortgage

You have an option to refinance your mortgage in order to lower the interest rate or extend the loan repayment term. By refinancing your mortgage, you can obtain extended loan terms, leading to reducing your monthly loan payments. By considering this option, you can save your money over the long term and improve your financial condition. We suggest you evaluate all prospects to assess your standing before refinancing your mortgage.

Discuss With Your Lender

It is also possible to lower your mortgage payment in the UAE by negotiating with the lender. You need to show your good credit score and financial position to discuss the possibility of adjusting your mortgage payment terms based on your demands. A good credit score can significantly strengthen your position on this matter.

Increase Your Down Payment

A hefty or large down payment can significantly lower the principal amount of your mortgage. So, if your principal amount is lower, then your payments will definitely be reduced. So, if you want to reduce your monthly loan payments, you should try to make a large down payment. You should start saving in advance in order to make a large down payment and reap its benefits in the shape of reduced home loan payments.

Choose Longer Repayment terms

Choosing a longer repayment term will spread your loan payments over an extended period, lowering your monthly payments. If one considers a long repayment term, he will have to pay smaller monthly installments to pay back that mortgage payment. Smaller monthly installments translate into less financial obligation and improved financial standing.  

Rent Out Your Property

One effective method to tackle the financial burden caused by hefty loan payments is to rent out a portion of your purchased property to generate Profit and use it to offset your monthly mortgage payments. You can add this rental income to your savings and can also use it to pay your debt or loan.

Make Your Credit Score Better

If you can present a good credit score by making timely repayments, reducing debt, and managing issues related to your credit report, then you can take advantage of it. An improved credit score allows you to get a mortgage on better terms and lower interest rates. It means if your credit score is good, you can get favorable loan terms, including low mortgage payments.

What Is Mortgage Early Settlement In the UAE?

Mortgage early settlement UAE is an option for dealing with your mortgage payment. By utilizing this option, you can get rid of loan payments even prior to the tenure you had discussed with your lender. You can use your own cash and seek a new mortgage or loan from another lender to pay the remaining dues prior to the scheduled tenure.

Summing Up:

Often, it becomes difficult to make monthly mortgage payments in a timely manner. It may become a financial burden that can lead to stress and anxiety. If you want to avoid and are experiencing this problem then lowering your monthly mortgage payment is the best option for you to consider and alleviate the financial burden incurred upon you. There are a number of ways that can be used to lower your mortgage payment. You can refinance your mortgage, improve your credit score, rent out your newly purchased property and increase your down payment to lower your mortgage payments in the UAE.

Struggling To Lower Your Mortgage Payments? Kelt & Co Realty Assists You

Kelt & Co Realty ensures you get a mortgage on favorable or demanded terms. Whether you want to pay your mortgage early in Dubai, UAE, or lower your monthly mortgage payments, Kelt & Co Realty is there to guide and assist you. This property company deals with every kind of real estate and helps people buy and sell property in Dubai. So, you do not need to be worried if you want to lower your mortgage payments and improve your financial standings; Kelt & Co Realty’s Professionals are there to sort it out.


Is there a way to lower your mortgage payment?

Yes. There are several ways to reduce your mortgage payment. You can lower your mortgage payment by refinancing your mortgage, improving your credit score, choosing longer repayment terms, and renting out a part of your property. You can choose any of these methods based on your preferences and range to meet your ends. 

Can I ask my mortgage company to lower my mortgage payments?

Yes. It is one of the ways to lower your monthly loan burden. You can negotiate with your lender and request to modify your mortgage payments by extending loan term length and reducing interest rates. You should evaluate all prospects before going for this option.

Can I reduce my monthly mortgage repayments?

Yes. It is possible to reduce your monthly mortgage repayments. However, it may take longer to pay off your mortgage. If you want to reduce your monthly mortgage repayment, you can refinance your mortgage, negotiate with your lender, choose longer terms, rent out your purchased property, and improve your credit score. 

What is zero down payment property in Dubai?

Dubai offers flexible options for entering the real estate market. Dubai developers have introduced several flexible payment methods to attract investment. Zero down payment property in Dubai means you do not need to pay a large amount upfront. You just have to pay a certain percentage of the amount over a specific period of time.


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