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All About Off-Plan Property in Dubai

Posted by Kelt&corealty on May 20, 2024

What Is Off-Plan Property In Dubai?

Real estate or properties that are sold out during the pre-construction or construction phase are called off-plan properties. These properties are sold out before they are completed or constructed. Normally, payment terms of off-plan properties in Dubai are more favorable than ready properties, offering a significant capital gain. In simple terms, an off-plan property in Dubai is a property that is yet to be completed and is in its construction phase. 

Buyers who invest in under-construction or off-plan properties can expect significant value appreciation once the property is built or completed. Considerable value appreciation upon completion makes it a popular choice for real estate investment in Dubai. Also, this investment requires less investment, making entry to real estate quite easy and affordable. Let’s learn about the concept of off-plan property in Dubai, its pros and cons, factors to consider, and the best off-plan projects in Dubai 2024.

Benefits Of Buying Off-Plan Property In Dubai:

Dubai Off-plan property investment offers a gateway to lucrative opportunities in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world. This investment allows investors to secure properties at the early stages of development.

Lowest Price

Dubai off-plan property investment allows investors to buy or purchase a property at the lowest possible price of that specific property. It gives the luxury to choose the most suitable type of property or unit based on the specific requirements and needs at a minimum cost.

Favorable Payment Terms

Payment plans for off-plan properties in Dubai are quite flexible, allowing buyers to spread payments over the construction phase and even beyond completion. This means it is a convenient and flexible way to buy a property in Dubai because an investor is not bound to pay hefty payments because payments can be made in installments.

Lower Upfront Costs

The upfront costs of underdeveloped properties are quite less than those of completed projects. Some properties only require a 5% down payment, with the remaining costs to be paid in installments. 

Selling Option

In most cases, people are allowed to sell their purchased off-plan properties even before completion, though they have to follow certain rules and regulations. However, they can sell their under-construction properties if they desire to.

Significant Capital Appreciation

Investors can yield significant capital gains by buying off-plan or under-constructions properties because the value of a property will increase significantly upon its completion. Property value increases between the time of purchase and project completion, offering considerable capital appreciation. 

Customization Options

People who invest in underdeveloped properties can enjoy the opportunity to customize their purchased property or unit according to their own terms. They can customize certain aspects of a property, such as layout, fixtures, and finishes.

Brand New Property

Everyone desires to have something new and unique. The same is the case in real estate. People love to purchase newly developed properties. Buying off-plan property is equivalent to purchasing a brand new property because it is a property that has never been used earlier.

How To Buy Off-Plan Properties In Dubai?

Understand The Real Estate Market

Dubai’s real estate market is quite complex, and it is quite difficult for a novice to invest. That’s why one should familiarize himself with it. Conduct thorough research and find out the pros and cons of investing in different neighborhoods of Dubai. 

Choose A Project

Learn about the latest projects and developments and evaluate all prospects and available information related to them. Based on your evaluation, choose the most suitable option based on your interests and needs.

Determine Your preferences

Before choosing a project for your investment, you need to determine his preferences. You must be clear about the type of property that you are interested in. It must be clear whether you are going to purchase a villa, apartment, or commercial unit. Once your goal is clear then find and evaluate related developments.

While determining your preferences, also draft your budget based on your financial means. It will give you a definitive range, helping you choose affordable properties.

Consult With A Professional

Buying an off-plan property seems like an easy process. However, it involves complexities. The preferable or suggested option is to seek the assistance of a real estate agent. Kelt & Co Realty can help you negotiate the most suitable deal.

Finalize Your Payment Plan

Investors usually offer a range of payment plans. You should choose the most suitable payment plan that resonates with your interests and financial means. The range of amount to be paid after the down payment varies. So, you should find and choose the most convenient payment option.

Pay your remaining dues accordingly and get possession of that property once it is completed.

Mortgage For Off-Plan Property In Dubai:

Off-plan property can also be purchased by securing a mortgage. It provides investors with the flexibility to spread payments over the development period. Given the competitive interest rates and favorable loan terms, seeking a mortgage for an off-plan property is considered an attractive option.

Things To Consider Before Buying Off-Plan Property In Dubai?

Investment in Off-plan property is quite a popular choice because it offers high ROI. However, one should consider the following points before buying an under-construction property in Dubai, UAE, to avoid inconvenience and generate high ROI.

Things To Consider Before Buying Off-Plan Property In Dubai?

Find A Reputable Developer

Generally, off-plan investment requires a long-term commitment, and buyers have to pay the remaining amount in installments. Given this, it is crucial to choose a reputable developer. Always choose a registered and licensed developer if you want to invest in an off-plan property. Check the official website of a developer and also confirm the credibility of a developer through RERA or DLD.

Evaluate The Project

Now, it is time to evaluate a project. A person should visit the property in person to understand the space and layout of that property. Also, evaluate the progress of that specific project and do not forget to consider the type of material being used in construction.

Evaluate Your Returns

Definitely, you are going to invest to save your income and earn high ROI. So, after considering the feasibility and construction status of a property, you should try to estimate the profit margin. Consider factors that can impact ROI, such as the location of a property, the developer’s reputation, rental potential, and completion time before investing in any project.

Financing Option

Definitely, a real estate investment, whether it is off-plan or ready, requires a significant investment. You need to choose a property that aligns with your budget. Always determine the affordability of a property to find out whether a particular option is suitable for you.

Analyze And Negotiate Payment Plan

An investor should analyze the payment plan of an off-plan property in Dubai, UAE, and discuss its terms and conditions with the developer to make it a budget-friendly and feasible investment option. Also discuss conditions related to installment plans because if you do not pay installments on time, you will have to have a penalty.

Legal Aspects

It is imperative to understand the legal framework related to off-plan property buying. You need to get the services of an expert to evaluate legal matters. Always review contracts, payment terms, and clauses related to delays or cancellations before making a decision.

Risks In Buying Off-Plan Properties In Dubai:

Undoubtedly, buying an off-plan property offers several advantages. First, it requires less upfront cost. Second, it offers high ROI because of significant value appreciation upon completion of a project. However, there are some negative aspects of buying an under-construction property. Understanding these aspects is crucial to making a prudent decision.

Project Delays

Factors such as permits, funds, and several unforeseen circumstances can lead to delays in project completion. Delays are quite common. However, you should consider this factor and also discuss it with the developer and your real estate agent because delays can impact your ROI.

Change In Market Orientation

Several factors such as inflation, government policies and low interest of investors can alter the course of the market, lowering the price of a property, impacting your returns. Normally, it is a rare situation. However, it is crucial to assess its possibility before buying an off-plan property in Dubai, UAE.

Quality-Related Concerns

Sometimes, properties need to meet expected or set quality standards, requiring additional time and resources to address defects. If any concern arises, it may impact your returns. So, do not ignore this matter and give a due consideration. 

Regulatory Risk

Generally, real estate laws remain unchanged. However, changes in laws and regulations or unforeseen legal disputes can significantly impact a particular property and investors’ investments. 

How To Deal With Delayed Property Handover?

Several factors, such as crises, financial issues, construction problems, and market conditions, can lead to delayed property handover. It is a critical yet common matter. If you are facing any issue related to delayed property handover in Dubai, then you should negotiate with the developer and set a timeframe based on mutual understanding.

Further, check whether that property is canceled by the government or not. If the developer does not hand over the property during the grace period and the project is not canceled by the authorities, then you can file a refund claim. 

When can I sell an off-plan property in Dubai?

When can I sell an off-plan property in Dubai

Many people ask whether they can sell off-plan property in Dubai or not. Yes. It is permitted to sell an off-plan property in Dubai. There are some measures that need to be fulfilled to resell an off-plan property in Dubai. Some developers in Dubai require 30% of the total amount to be paid off before selling this property to a new owner. This minimum threshold varies from developer to developer. Once a buyer meets this minimum threshold then he is free to resell his property whether it is completed or not. 

Notably, new buyers are responsible for the $4 DLD transfer fee, regardless of whether the first-time buyers have already paid it. 

Cost Of Buying Off-Plan Properties In Dubai?

The cost of buying off-plan properties in Dubai is not the same. It varies from property to property, mainly because of the type of property, its size, location, and development status. However, buyers are responsible for paying 4% registration fees to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Sometimes, this amount is shared between buyers and sellers, and sometimes, developers pay this fee on behalf of buyers.

Can Foreigners Buy Property In Dubai?

Yes. Foreigners are allowed to buy properties in Dubai. There are some designated areas in Dubai called freehold zones where foreign nationals can buy properties and enjoy exclusive ownership rights of their purchased properties. The government of Dubai has opened the property market to all. Locals, as well as expats, can buy freehold and ready properties in freehold areas.

Summing Up:

An under-construction or pre-construction property is called an off-plan property in Dubai. Properties that are yet to be completed and are under construction are called off-plan properties. Buying such types of properties offers significant benefits such as it requires a low initial deposit, favorable payment and installment plans, value appreciation after completion and high ROI. However, there are some negative aspects of buying off-plan properties in Dubai that buyers should consider before purchasing an off-plan property. Consider all involved factors and get the services of experts to make the most suitable choice.

Interested In Off-Plan Property Or Dealing With Delayed Handover? Kelt & Co Realty Has Got You Covered:

Off-plan real estate investment requires property understanding of the pros and cons and all involved legal matters. One may face trouble in buying such properties. If you are interested in buying an off-plan property in Dubai or you are not getting the expected outcomes because of delayed handover, then you should seek assistance from Kelt & Co Realty’s professionals. Our professionals are always there to deal with your real estate buying and selling and delayed handover-related problems. If you are dealing with any such problem, then let us deal with this matter and make this deal profitable for you.


Is it risky to buy an off-plan property in Dubai?

Buying an off-plan property in Dubai offers numerous advantages, such as significant value appreciation. However, we cannot ignore the possibility of risks. This sort of real estate investment has both pros and cons. However, it cannot be considered a risky investment. One should get the services of a real estate agent to evaluate the prospects of a specific project before investing in an off-plan property.

Is it worth buying an off-plan property in Dubai?

Yes. It is regarded as a lucrative investment option. This type of investment allows people to enter Dubai’s real estate market with a low budget and benefit from value appreciation upon the completion of a project. Investors can purchase a property at a lower price and pay the remaining payments in installments.

Can you own 100% property in Dubai?

Yes. It is possible to own a property 100% without any interference. If you purchase a freehold property in Dubai, you have complete ownership rights on your purchased property. 

What is the difference between off-plan and ready properties?

Properties that have yet to be completed or are under construction are called off-plan properties. However, projects that are completed, fully built, or available for move-in are called ready properties. 


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