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Essential Tips to Manage DEWA Payments and Avoid Disconnection

Posted by cafedetech on June 5, 2024

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a water and electricity provider established by the Dubai government by merging the Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Department. This authority aims to provide uninterrupted water and electricity to the residents of Dubai.

The availability of electricity 24/7 and a persistent supply of water is considered a basic need in today’s lifestyle. Both electricity and clean water are essential for maintaining comfort, productivity and overall well-being of individuals. The functions of appliances, communication devices and cooling and heating systems all depend on reliable access to electricity. The Dubai government has taken firm steps to ensure the continued availability of utilities such as water and electricity.

DEWA Connection Dubai:

DWEA Connection is a process of providing or setting up electricity and water services for commercial and residential properties. This authority provides residents electricity and water and setting up these services is called DEWA connection. In order to obtain a reliable and continuous supply of water and electricity, it is essential to get a DEWA connection. One needs to set up a DEWA connection when moving to a new house or another office. 

How To Request For DEWA Connection In Dubai?

Requesting for a DEWA connection is quite a smooth and straightforward process. Visit the DEWA website and get yourself registered if you have not registered yourself earlier. Fill out the application form by adding all required details and information and submit your application.

Documents Required For DEWA Connection

  • Title Deed for owners
  • Valid Ejari number for tenants
  • Tenancy Contract for Freezone clients
  • Emirate ID
  • Passport and Visa

Pay the required application fee. Application fees can vary based on the type of connection. Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Following that, the application is processed to approve or reject and a new connection is activated after the approval of an application.

DEWA Deposit Amount For Electricity and Water Activation:

An applicant needs to submit a refundable security deposit to activate a DEWA connection in Dubai. The deposit amount is not the same for all properties. AED 2000 is required to pay security deposit for apartments and AED 4000 is required to pay security deposit for villas. Along with that 130 AED is the supply activation fee.

Can I pay DEWA for a friend?

Yes. you can pay DEWA for your friend. If you know your friend’s DEWA account number, you can pay the remaining charges via approved payment methods.

Dewa Disconnection

If you are moving to another residential or commercial property, selling or demolishing your property then you need to get the DEWA connection of that property disconnected. You can generate an online request for DEWA disconnection by visiting the official DEWA website. Visit the website and log in to your account by using your DEWA user ID. Choose “Deactivation” in the customer section and enter your 10-digit DEWA Connection account number or UAE Pass.

 Pay if there are any remaining dues and mention your moving-out date and submit your dewa disconnection application.  You will get back your security deposits and also you need to add an active contact number for a better communication process. You can use your security deposits to pay your final bill and if the amount of the final bill then you will receive a new bill.  In the case of companies, a signed and stamped letter on the letterhead of the company also needs to be attached.

What Is the DEWA  Disconnection Fee?

  • AED 100 for disconnecting small meters
  • AED 300 for disconnecting large mariners
  • 10 AED knowledge fee and 10 AED Innovation fee

It is to be mentioned that Thukher and Sanad Cardholders get 50% off on the disconnection fee.

How To Transfer A DEWA Account?

If you are moving within Dubai, you can transfer your DEWA account. A security deposit of a DEWA connection can also be transferred to a new DEWA account. You can apply online by visiting the DEWA official website or by visiting any DEWA Customer Happiness Center.

What Happens If One Does Not Pay DEWA Bills?

Like other bills, a due date is mentioned on the bill. If the bill is not paid, the authority sends 3 reminders and 14 days after the due date mentioned on the bill, DEWA service is disconnected. If an applicant pays the remaining dues and settles the matter then the connection is reactivated again after 4 hours.

Summing Up:

Dubai Electricity And Water Authority was established to ensure a reliable and persistent supply of utilities such as water and electricity to both residential and commercial properties. You need to set up a DEWA connection to get access to these utilities when you start living in a residential property or begin your business in a commercial property in Dubai. You can visit the DEWA website to request a connection. However, if you are moving to another place, you need to consider DEWA disconnection and pay outstanding dues.

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What are the penalties for non-payment of DEWA bills?

If a household fails to pay DEWA bills, DEWA has the right to impose penalties which include fines, service disconnection and even legal action.

How to avoid penalties for overdue DEWA payments?

You need to ensure timely payment for DEWA bills to avoid penalties. A deadline is mentioned on the bills. Furthermore, you will also receive reminders for non-payment. Try to pay your remaining dues within the stipulated time frame to avoid penalties.

Can I pay DEWA bills online?

Yes. you can pay your DEWA bills online. Use DEWA’s website and mobile app to pay your remaining dues. You can use other options such as bank transfer to pay your DEWA dues.

Can I request a refund of my DEWA security deposit?

Yes. DEWA security deposits are refundable. If you terminate your DEWA connection, you can request for your security deposit. You can also use this payment to clear your remaining dues.

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