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What are the Freehold Property Rules in Dubai

Posted by Kelt&corealty on February 24, 2024
freehold property rules in Dubai

The real estate sector of Dubai is flourishing rapidly. From high-rise buildings to luxurious villas and townhouses, Dubai has it all. Since the government has allowed foreigners to have freehold property ownership, the scope of the construction sector has multiplied. Expats can also buy property in Dubai. This prestige attracts foreigners and incites them to invest in the real estate sector of this metropolitan city and build their fortunes.

What Is Freehold Property In Dubai?

The property sector multiplies investments. But if someone invests in the real estate sector of Dubai, he will see an exponential rise in returns. Given the property market and its trends in Dubai, buying a plot, apartment or house in Dubai is a wise choice.

Given your expat status, you must be thinking about how it is possible to invest in such a luxury market. Are you concerned about that? Then don’t worry! If you are an expat, you can still buy your desired real estate in Dubai. The authorities have permitted foreigners to buy or purchase property in specific areas of the city. 

A foreigner can have complete ownership rights of his property in the specific areas without any restriction. Additionally, you can use that real estate as per your desired and needs of your business.

What Are the Benefits Of Freehold Property In Dubai?

Ownership Rights

If you buy a freehold property, you will be able to exercise complete ownership rights without any restriction. A buyer is free to use his property as per his desires. He just needs to consider local rules and regulations regarding the use of that specific property.

Inheritance Rights

This sort of property is also transferred to rightful heirs. Unlike leasehold property, freehold property cannot be taken back, and heirs of the owner can also have complete ownership of that specific real estate.

Discretionary Powers

The owner can exercise his discretionary powers to sell or rent it out. It is his discretion how he would use his purchased property. No one can dictate him regarding this matter. People who buy freehold properties in Dubai can exercise their free choice.

Expats Can Also Buy It

Foreigners can also purchase a freehold property in some designated areas of Dubai. They are free to personalize the use of their inventory. Along with that, owners of freehold properties are also eligible to apply for residence visas in Dubai.

What Are The Freehold Property Rules In Dubai?

The government of Dubai has altered the rules and regulations and allowed foreign nationals to buy property and exercise full ownership rights. The Dubai Land Department is responsible for regulating real estate transactions. It also oversees freehold properties being purchased by expats.

Understanding Of The Related Rules

Proper understanding of the laws dealing with freehold property is essential. One must seek expert assistance to make the process smooth and avoid any mishaps. A person aiming to invest in the real estate sector must know about local rules and traditions in order to gain optimal returns.

Designated Areas To Buy An Inventory

Foreigners are allowed to buy or purchase property in some designated areas of Dubai. The authorities have specified some areas where foreign nationals can buy freehold properties and exercise full ownership rights. These areas include but are not limited to Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Business Bay, Arabian Ranches, Discovery Gardens, etc.

Minimum Investment Requirements

It requires a minimum investment to purchase freehold property in Dubai. This amount varies from area to area and is determined based on the value and location of the land where an investor intends to buy an inventory. An investor has to meet this specific criterion to buy a freehold property in Dubai.

Registration And Documentation

A person must pass through this process in order to have complete ownership rights in Dubai. People involved in a sale-purchase process should make a sale agreement and discuss terms and conditions to avoid any misconception.

Financing Your Property

If you cannot finance your freehold property in Dubai at the moment, then do not worry about it. You can seek a mortgage. Yes, foreigners are also allowed to seek funding in order to meet their ends and establish their businesses and residences in Dubai.

Maintenance And Services Charges

If you are the owner of a freehold property in Dubai, you will have to bear the maintenance cost and services charges of that particular property. You need to be aware of those charges before buying a property to manage the required expenses or charges.

Selling And Renting Your Property

Though you can sell and rent out your freehold property in Dubai without any restriction, however, you must be aware of the rules and regulations dealing with this process. Understanding these rules and regulations will help you manage this complex process smoothly.


Freehold property in Dubai is a concept that allows people to have full ownership of their purchased properties. Besides locals and GCC nationals, foreigners can also purchase freehold properties in some designated areas of Dubai, such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, etc. A person who aims to buy a property in Dubai should research related legal regimes for proper compliance to defy any risk of problems. 

Get The Services Of A Professional:

Real estate investment is not a child’s walk. It has to be a complex procedure to buy and sell land in Dubai. As a foreigner, it is not easy for you to understand the intricacies involved in this process in a brief time. That’s why you should seek professional assistance. You can contact Kelt and Co Realty to get advice and services from an agent if you want to make your real estate investment successful.


What is freehold property in Dubai?

This concept refers to a property which a buyer can completely own without any restriction. Foreign nationals can also buy freehold properties in Dubai in some specific areas. Given that, they can settle in this world-class city or set up their businesses.

What is a freehold property zone in Dubai?

There are some designated areas in Dubai where foreign nationals can purchase freehold properties in Dubai. These areas are dubbed freehold property zones in Dubai. Areas such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah and many others fall into this category.

Can you own 100% property in Dubai?

Yes. People can own 100% of the property in Dubai. Foreigners have also been permitted 100% ownership of their freehold properties. They can invest in some specific areas of Dubai to have 100% ownership rights.


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