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What to Buy in Dubai? A Look at the Different Types of Real Estate:

Posted by cafedetech on June 10, 2024

Dubai’s real estate ranges from residential properties (apartments, townhouses, lofts, villas) to commercial properties (offices, co-working spaces, shops) to industrial and hospitality properties. Along with these property types, there are mixed-use properties and leisure and entertainment properties in Dubai.

Dubai has become a popular choice for real estate investment. It offers a wide range of properties to choose from. Its beautiful skyline, unprecedented development and growth, the state of the art infrastructure and favorable policies attract and facilitate real estate investments. Locals as well as expats and foreign investors can invest in Dubai’s property sector and have complete ownership rights.

Why Is It Necessary To Understand The Type Of Real Estate In Dubai?

  • Different types of real estate cater to different segments of the market. Understanding of these segments facilitates real estate investment-related decision-making and allows investors to use their resources in a specific domain
  • Returns on investments are not the same in every type of property. Some properties provide steady returns. However, some extend high revenues. Based on your preferences, you can choose a viable option for your investment
  • The supply and demand dynamics also differ from property to property. The demand for residential properties differs from the demand for commercial real estate because the demand for properties depends on factors such as population growth, business activity and economic conditions. If you understand this demand matrix, you can make a better decision
  • Understanding different types of real estate helps you to diversify your real estate portfolio. Your diversified real estate investment can mitigate the impact of market fluctuations.

Freehold VS Leasehold Properties

Properties that can be completely owned by an investor are called freehold properties. If an investor enjoys exclusive ownership rights and has the right to sell his purchased property based on his desires, it is a freehold property.

Leasehold property means an investor has the right to occupy a property for a limited or specified period. The occupation period can vary from property to property. Typically, it is mentioned in the contract. An investor does not have exclusive ownership rights if he invests in a leasehold property in Dubai.

Types Of Real Estate In Dubai:

If you intend to invest in the property sector then Dubai has something to offer. Besides offering a range of investment options, It offers a favorable real estate investment environment and the capacity to generate high ROI.  

Residential Properties

It is one of the most popular types of real estate in Dubai, UAE. People who aim to live an exclusive and premium lifestyle buy residential properties to live their dream lifestyle. Residential properties for sale in Dubai, UAE are considered attractive investment options. Residential properties include apartments, townhouses, villas, etc.

Private Houses

Generally, a single household occupies this type of property. Private houses offer privacy and security and also enable people to live on their own terms. Furthermore, residents can modify their properties based on their preferences.


In Dubai, apartment life is deemed one of the most coveted living choices. Apartments are basically units of residential towers or buildings. Investors can find apartments of various sizes in Dubai such as studios, lofts, duplexes and penthouses. You can also find one-bedroom apartments to multiple-bedroom apartments. 


Penthouses for sale in Dubai are designed to offer a lavish lifestyle. These residential units are located on the top floor of apartment towers or buildings. Residents here can enjoy exclusive facilities and amenities such as private elevators, sky-high pools, rooftop gardens and brilliant interiors. Living in a penthouse might be an expensive choice but luxury lowers cannot negate this living option because of opulence and the sense of luxury that this option offers.


These are luxurious residential properties that are built on pre-demarcated plots. A Villa lifestyle is a premium lifestyle that extends maximum privacy, security and comfort. Villas for sale in Dubai, UAE are laced with private swimming pools, private gardens and high-end amenities to reinvigorate the sense of luxury. 


These are multiple-floor houses sharing one or more walls with neighboring properties. Townhouses are for rent and sale in Dubai, UAE represent a community lifestyle and offer shared facilities and amenities. This residential real estate also offers accessibility to swimming pools, gymnasium and other amenities but these facilities are shared ones. 


A duplex is a residential unit that consists of two separate living units that share a common wall, ceiling and floor. It is a versatile and modern living option that extends privacy and cost-efficiency, allowing residents to live a deluxe lifestyle and enjoy advanced facilities and amenities.


These are large and open spaces with high ceilings and a few interior walls. More often than not, these are industrial buildings that are now being used for living purposes. This residential real estate in Dubai is normally characterized by high ceilings, few windows, fewer walls and an open design.

Commercial Real Estate

Properties that are used for business purposes are called commercial properties. If you intend to start or expand your business in Dubai then you can buy or rent from a range of commercial properties.


Offices constitute a significant portion of commercial properties. You can find furnished, unfurnished, large and small-scale offices based on your business needs and personal preferences. Office spaces for sale and rent in Dubai, UAE play a crucial role in commercial real estate.

Co-Working Spaces

The concept of co-working spaces has gained immense popularity these days. These are spaces where individuals can work independently. Startups and entrepreneurs consider co-working spaces for their official workings. Co-working spaces for rent and sale in Dubai are available at affordable rates.


It would not be wrong to consider shops as the most in-demand commercial properties. These are spaces where a variety of goods and services are sold. These spaces are located in different areas such as malls, local markets, etc. Shops for rent and sales in Dubai can be your choice if you intend to sell goods and services.


These are large spaces that are used to display products for sale. Showrooms of different sizes are available in Dubai, UAE. These commercial properties are located at significant locations. These spaces have adequate storage for supplies. You can find retail showrooms for sale in Dubai, automobile showrooms and furniture showrooms.


Warehouses are specified commercial properties that are used to store goods and products that will be sold later. Warehouses play a critical role in the supply chain and serve as hubs where products and goods are stored before being distributed to retailers and customers. 


These are industrial buildings where goods and products are manufactured. Factories are essential for industrial production, serving as the backbone of various industries. You can find purpose-built factories in Dubai, UAE to set up your manufacturing business.

Hospitality Properties

These types of real estate provide services such as lodging, food and beverages. Hospitality properties are established to accommodate the tourism and travel industry. The scope of these properties revolves around hotels, resorts, breakfasts and boutique inns. Dubai is a tourism hub and millions of people come to visit Dubai to explore its development and advanced living. Given the tourism potential of Dubai, investment in hospitality properties in Dubai can be a prudent decision to generate high returns.

Summing Up:

Dubai has become a hub for real estate investment. Local and foreign investors take a keen interest in Dubai’s property sector because of tax evasions, favorable investment policies and the potential for high ROI. Investors can choose to invest in a range of commercial, residential and hospitality properties based on their preferences. In Dubai, you can buy a private house, apartment, villa, or townhouse to live in or begin rental business and shops, offices and co-working spaces to start or expand your business. 

Interested In Dubai’s Property Sector? Get Experts’ Advice

Kelt & Co Realty is a real estate agency that facilitates real estate transactions. If you intend to invest in Dubai’s property sector to generate revenues or establish your business then our real estate agents can help you in finding the most viable real estate option based on your preferences. Get assistance from our real estate professionals to invest in Dubai’s property sector.

What are the different types of properties in Dubai?

You can explore a range of commercial (shops, offices, co-working spaces) and residential properties (apartments, villas, townhouses, duplexes, lofts) in Dubai. Whether you are a local or foreign investor, you can invest in ready-to-move-in or freehold properties.

Should I seek the assistance of a real estate agent?

Yes. A real estate agent can help you find the most viable real estate investment option. Whether you want to buy freehold or leasehold property in Dubai, Kelt & Co Realty’s professionals can assist you in making a wise decision and finding the best property that suits your interests.

What are the advantages of investing in Dubai’s real estate sector?

By investing in Dubai’s real estate sector, you can get a number of benefits such as tax evasions as there are no property or capital gain taxes and generate high ROI by renting or selling your property in Dubai because the demand for properties is growing rapidly, increasing the value and worth of properties. 

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