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How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Dubai?

Posted by cafedetech on June 18, 2024

Dubai is known for its vibrant economy, iconic skyscrapers and luxurious lifestyle. Its state-of-the-art development and luxury real estate attract local and foreign investors, highlighting the scope of the real estate sales business. Given the potential of the real estate business in Dubai, many people intend to join Dubai’s property market to take advantage of it.

This metropolitan city offers a unique landscape for real estate professionals. If your communication skills are good and you are passionate about becoming a real estate professional in Dubai, then you must read this blog to understand the process of becoming a real estate agent in Dubai.

Why Become A Real Estate Agent In Dubai?

  • Dubai’s thriving property market, continuous development, tax-free policies, political and economic stability and the government’s initiatives intensify the attraction and allure of its real estate sector and attract investments from all around the globe, creating opportunities for real estate agents to capitalize on its real estate market and make careers out of it. 
  • If your sales and communication skills are impressive and you love to pitch or persuade people, then the Dubai real estate market has a lot to offer. By becoming a real estate agent in Dubai, you can earn a handsome income and earn a good reputation and the trust of your clients.
  • Dubai is a thriving city and the development of countless new projects allows investors to market and sell ultra-modern and unique real estate projects and ensure that their clients are getting the real estate they have been looking for
  • A number of local and international real estate companies operate in Dubai, creating a competitive and tough market and offering real estate professionals a competitive environment to prove their skill set and prove themselves.
  • It is not easy to prove yourself as a successful real estate agent in Dubai. However, Dubai’s property sector offers opportunities to develop a multicultural client portfolio and work with people from different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • One of the prime reasons to consider becoming a real estate agent in Dubai is the decent commission and basic salary. This allows investors to earn a substantial income and motivates them to improve their skill set.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Dubai?

If you want to become a real estate agent in Dubai, then here is a step-by-step procedure. Follow this to start your journey in Dubai’s real estate sector.

If You Are A Foreigner, Then Get A Residency Visa

If you are a citizen of the UAE or any GCC country, you are not supposed to get a residency visa. However, expats and foreign nationals who do not belong to GCC countries are entitled to obtain a residency visa before starting their careers as real estate agents in Dubai. If your spouse is living in Dubai, he/she may sponsor you, and you can also consider getting a work visa from your employer before beginning your journey. 

Get Training From Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI)

Once you are done with your residency or work visa process, you need to register yourself for a four-day course called Certified Training For Real Estate Brokers. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority has approved this course. The prime purpose of this course is to offer insights and educate people about Dubai’s real estate sector. If you enroll yourself in this course, you will learn about concepts, Dubai property laws,  sales processes and agreements, legal processes, working ethics, and skills required to become a professional agent.

Note: It is your decision to choose the mode of classes. You can either consider online or physical classes based on your preferences and requirements.

Now, Pass The RERA Exam

Following this four-year course, one has to appear for a written RERA exam. After finishing this course, get yourself registered and appear for the RERA exam to become a professional real estate agent in Dubai. 

  • Degree holders are to pay AED 3200 as an exam fee.
  • Non-degree holders are to pay AED 6300 to get themselves registered for this exam.

It is clear that there is no requirement for a degree to become a real estate broker. So, if you have a passion for developing your career as a broker or real estate agent, then there is no need for a degree. This stipulation allows non-degree holders to explore this highly rewarding profession and utilize their communication and persuasion skills to earn income or profit.

Now, Obtain Your Realtor License

If you pass the RERA exam, you will become eligible to get your license. Before getting your license, get a certificate of good conduct because it is also mandatory to obtain. Dubai’s Economic Department issues your license and a card after a few days of submitting the required documents. 

As soon as you obtain your license, you become a registered real estate professional. It builds your credibility and helps you earn the respect and trust of your clients. 

What To Do After Obtaining A License?

Now, it is time to join a real estate agency and start building your portfolio and network. Understandably, real estate transactions are not easy. It requires dedication and significant effort to break a real estate deal. You must understand this factor. This profession requires persistent effort and struggle, especially at the beginning of your career. You have to build your reputation and portfolio. By joining a real estate company in Dubai, you can create your network. You can also rely on online platforms to market your services and build clientele. 

How To Renew A Real Estate License?

Start your renewal procedure at least one month earlier before the expiry of your license. Otherwise, you may not be able to finish your renewal process on time and may face issues such as fines and penalties. Reappear in the RERA test and get no less than 85% marks to pass this test. If you do not pass this test, you may have to again for the training course. It is not difficult to pass this test. Once you get through this test, the remaining license renewal process is simple. 

Documents Needed To Renew Broker’s License In Dubai

  • Valid Passport/ Residency or Work Visa
  • Personal Photo
  • Your License’s Certification
  • Broker’s License Renewal Fee

Note: The license renewal fee in Dubai is AED 510 (USD 140)

The Final Thought:

Dubai’s real estate sector is growing rapidly. It is considered among the top real estate sectors. Its stunning skyline, government policies, tax advantages, and modern offerings attract local and foreign investors who are interested in any aspect of real estate, such as residential and commercial real estate. Considering this, the scope of the real estate sector is expanding, offering a number of opportunities. People who intend to join this sector as real estate agents also choose Dubai’s property sector to benefit from their communication and sales skills. 

You need to consider the following steps to become a realtor in Dubai. Foreigners are required to obtain a residency or work visa to get a license. Following that, apply for DREI-certified training and apply for the RERA exam. Once you pass this exam, you can obtain your license after submitting the required documents and fees.


How to become a real estate agent in Dubai as an expat?

If you are a foreigner, get a residency or work visa. Complete the RERA-approved training course and pass the required test. Then, apply for your license. Submit the required documents and the application fee. 

What qualifications do I need to obtain a real estate license in Dubai?

You can become a real estate agent in Dubai, no matter whether you have a degree or not. There is no requirement for a degree to become a real estate professional in Dubai. One is entitled to complete the authorized training course and pass the RERA-approved test to apply to obtain a license.

Is it difficult to become a real estate agent in Dubai?

Everyone can become a real estate agent if he completes the four-day certified course and the RERA exam. Once you become a real estate agent then your real struggle starts. One has to build a decent reputation and portfolio to become a successful realtor. It needs consistent efforts, unwavering commitment, dedication and customer satisfaction.

How long is the RERA course in Dubai?

It is a four-day training course. To get a real estate license in Dubai, one has to complete real estate training in Dubai. During this course, legal aspects, Dubai property laws, real estate prospects, history, and other basic requirements are taught. You can choose either online or physical training.


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