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How to Solve a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Posted by Kelt&corealty on October 11, 2023
Solution of Rental Dispute in Dubai

Property-related disputes are common worldwide, whether they arise between a landlord and tenant or among family members. Over 103,975 rental lawsuits had been filed in RDC as of December 2022. In Dubai, a quick and appropriate solution to rental disputes is crucial for the efficient functioning of the rental market.

Despite Dubai’s advancement, rental disputes are not uncommon. The government of Dubai has established Rental Dispute Settlement Centers (RDC) throughout the emirate to resolve as many rental disputes as possible as promptly as possible.    

What are The Reasons For Rent Dispute Cases in Dubai?

As a tenant in Dubai, one of the most common issues you may face is a rental dispute with your landlord. The main reasons for rental conflicts are delay rental payments on time and the landlord’s desire to either use the property for personal purposes or give it to their family. Moreover, it may lead to rental conflicts, including an unexpected increase in rent without prior notice or warning from the landlord. 

Everything about Lodging a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Dubai places great emphasis on the protection of tenant rights. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a disagreement with your landlord, a clear and streamlined three-step process is available to you. 

Verify the Issue First

Firstly, it is crucial to identify the nature of the issue. It may be necessary to conduct some research and familiarize oneself with the legal requirements to ascertain whether the problem warrants a formal dispute. Being informed will enable you to make informed decisions and take the required measures to resolve the situation. 

Allow Room For Proper Negotiation

The second step involves extending an invitation to negotiate to the other party involved in the disagreement. This is the first step to be taken to settle the matter amicably. During the negotiation phase, it is essential to be clear about the grievances, caution the other party about the consequences of their actions, and provide a deadline for finding a resolution.

If a mutually agreeable solution cannot be reached, then the next logical and legal step must be taken.

Register Your Case with RERA

You can participate in the hearing by using tele-litigation technology. 

If you encounter any rental disputes in Dubai, you have the option to file a case online or in person at the RDC headquarters in Deira. Simply bring the required documentation to the centre in your area. Once there, the typist will provide you with an Arabic translation of your documents, as this is the official language used in court.

The typist will also inquire about the dispute in order to help resolve your issue. It’s important to ensure that you bring all necessary documents to your neighbourhood centre when filing a rental dispute in Dubai. 

  • To file your dispute online, follow these simple steps: 
  • Visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) website, 
  • Proceed to the “Rent Dispute Resolution Portal” page. 
  • Enter the required information where indicated, and send your files to be authenticated so that you can obtain a judgement with a writ of execution. 
  • Make your payment online conveniently. 

Thanks to tele-litigation technology, you will even be able to participate in the hearing.

Important Documents Required For Filing a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Collect Gather all of the important documents that are required to file a rental dispute in Dubai, that includes:

  • Copy of passport (landlord and tenant)
  • Ejari certificate
  • Title deed
  • Emirates ID
  • Tenancy contract (original)
  • Rental dispute slip
  • DEWA bills (recent)
  • Rental payment cheques (copy)
  • Any written agreement or document that may support your case

Landlord Tenant Dispute: The Case Proceedings

Once you have submitted the required paperwork and registered your rental dispute case, it will be forwarded to the arbitration department. This department’s primary objective is to resolve the disagreement within 15 days by reaching a mutually acceptable settlement between the parties involved.

If the negotiation fails and no agreement is reached, you will need to file a lawsuit following the Real Estate Regulatory Authority complaint in Dubai. It is important to note that you have 30 days to receive a judgment from the case’s filing date.

After filing the lawsuit, RERA will schedule a hearing date and time for your rental dispute case. The duration of the hearing may vary, depending on the urgency of other pending matters. It is possible that the court will require you to attend under certain conditions.

Please be aware that the dispute resolution process may take several weeks or even months. It is crucial for both the tenant and the landlord to consider all possible outcomes before filing a dispute.

What is The Cost of Filing A Rent Dispute in Dubai?

The cost of registering a rental dispute process in Dubai will be 3.5% of the total annual rent. If you are filing for financial claims, the fee may range from AED 500 to a maximum of AED 15,000. However, in cases of eviction, this maximum limit can be increased to AED 20,000. If your case involves both eviction and financing, the total cost will be AED 35,000.

Approximately AED 100 will also be charged extra as a processing fee.

  • Approximately AED 10 – charged as a knowledge fee
  • Approximately AED 10 – is charged as an innovation fee.
  • Approximately AED 105 for fast-track notification.
  • Approximately AED 25 for registration or Power of Attorney for rental disputes in Dubai can be charged, if applicable.

Steps After Filing a Rent Dispute in Dubai

After you file your issue, it is forwarded to the Arbitration Department. It will take 15 days to address. However, if both parties agree on the choice to settle, a settlement instrument with a writ of execution is prepared. However, if you disagree, you may submit a RERA complaint within 15 days of the first ruling.

Summing Up

In the event of a rental dispute, it is crucial to resolve the issue through mutual negotiation and come to a legally binding agreement. Rental Dispute Centers are specifically designed to assist with these situations and aim to resolve disputes as quickly as possible.

For customers seeking expert assistance in navigating the rental dispute process, Kelt & Co. is a trusted solution partner. They provide mediation, legal representation, and advisory services based on their knowledge and expertise in Dubai’s real estate regulations to ensure a swift and fair resolution.

Your satisfaction is their top priority. When dealing with a rental dispute in Dubai, don’t forget to remember Kelt & Co! It’s here to assist you in navigating the process and finding the solutions you need.


What are the rights of tenants in Dubai? 

In Dubai, tenants have the right to timely repairs, fair rent increases, and a habitable property as specified in the tenancy contract.

How do I complain about a tenant in Dubai? 

Landlords in Dubai can file a lawsuit with the Rental Dispute Settlement Center (RDC) or Dubai Courts for eviction based on valid legal reasons if they have a complaint about a tenant.

What happens if the landlord doesn’t fix things in Dubai? 

In Dubai, tenants can submit a complaint with the RDC, seek mediation, and, if necessary, take legal action to demand repairs or seek compensation if their landlord fails to rectify problems.

Can a landlord force a tenant to leave Dubai?

In Dubai, a landlord cannot evict a tenant without first going through the formal eviction process and getting a court order from the Dubai Courts, or RDC.


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