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Mollak System Dubai – How to Register for Mollak

Posted by Kelt&corealty on November 8, 2023
How to Register for Mollak

What is the Mollak System?

As Dubai’s innovation and progression reaches new levels, it became essential to introduce a system that brings about complete transparency and ease with regard to jointly-owned properties in Dubai’s real estate sector.

Thus, the Mollak System was designed and implemented by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in order to streamline the management and monitoring of service charges for co-owned properties.

This was indeed another progress towards innovation as this enabled the creation of transparency in owners’ associations, registration of maintenance companies, and maintaining a track of their escrow accounts. 

How to Register for Mollak

Registering for the Mollak System is fairly easy, whether it is for unit owners or management companies. We’ll take you through both of them, individually below;

Unit Owners:

Unit owners may register themselves for the Mollak System fairly easily by visiting the DLD website or using the Dubai REST application. Once they’ve registered an account on the platform, they’re required to fill in the necessary details along with documents which include;

  • Personal photo of the real estate unit owner.
  • Approval on the declaration of compliance with ethical guidelines for the owner’s committee.
  • A copy of the commercial license and the rental contract.
  • A copy of the unit owner’s DEWA bill. 

Once the documents have been uploaded on the portal, the DLD reviews the registration request upon which the unit owners receive a notification of either approval or rejection. If everything goes smoothly, which it should, and the unit owner gets approved by the DLD, they may now access the Mollak system and avail its services. 

However, as a unit owner, there are certain terms and conditions that have to be met, for instance, ensuring that all RERA approved service charges are paid regularly, actually owning a co-owned property in Dubai and a character certificate issued by the Dubai Police and addressed to RERA.

Management Companies

In order for management companies to gain access to the Mollak system and register themselves with RERA, the process is pretty simple and straightforward too, just like it is for unit owners. The documents required are;

  • Name and Logo of the Company
  • Photos of the company’s Manager, Director of Owners Affairs, Finance Manager and other management.

Once all the documents have been uploaded as per the requirement and all key managerial staff is enrolled, all the projects by the company are registered as individual property groups and an agreement is signed, assigning the management of the community.

The company then next sets up a DLD approved regulated bank account that will be used for the payment of the services charges. Once a budget is set for each property group and submitted to Mollak, an audit firm approves it and further sends it to the DLD for approval by Mollak.

Upon approval, Mollak coordinates with the company to establish the full budget period after which the company can successfully pay the service charges through various online payment options.

However, just as it was for the unit owners, companies must also adhere to certain terms and conditions such as providing expats with residency visas, submitting a character certificate issued by the Dubai Police and addressed to RERA, and an agreement stating that a further approval and license may be required by RERA for any sort of participation in management activity.

Mollak Online Payments and Service Fee

Making service charges payments for Mollak is very easy. The DLD directly sends invoices to the users on the portal where they are registered. Here, users may also view any outstanding payments that are yet to be paid; however, to avoid any penalty on the fee it is advised to settle any due payments.

Once the invoices have been sent to the users, they may pay the RERA-approved services charges via the regulated bank mentioned earlier and email the paid slip with the management, or they may choose to use the Noqodi wallets, credit card, or online banking for co-owned properties.

It must be, however, kept in mind that the payment can only be collected by RERA-approved management companies.

Mollak Complaints and Inquiries

In case of service disconnection or any other complaints, unit owners can register their complaints through the Real Estate Violation System (RVS). Tenants, on the other hand, can file complaints through the Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) if they rent an apartment in Dubai that is part of a co-owned property.

Key Features of the Mollak System

Mollak provides a number of significant enhancements that are intended to improve the experience of property ownership and administration. It promotes transparency and efficiency in property-related service costs by facilitating smooth communication between co-owned property owners and project managers.

Furthermore, Mollak is attentive to the demands of the community, providing an open and regulated account upon request. It streamlines invoicing by sending registered property owners a quarterly invoice, making financial planning and payment easier.

Furthermore, Mollak provides a variety of payment channels, providing flexibility and convenience in settling service charges. This system exemplifies Dubai’s dedication to advancement and innovation, setting the bar for an efficient and accessible approach to administering the city’s jointly-owned properties. 

The Bottom Line

Dubai’s Mollak System is nothing less than a revolutionary aspect, providing complete transparency and efficiency. It has already approved 88 management companies, 1212 real estate projects, 200,000 units, and several major banks, such as the Commercial Bank of Dubai, and financial auditors, which have all successfully onboarded the system.

Mollak has indeed set a benchmark for innovation and convenience in Dubai’s real estate sector, making property management a hassle-free experience for all stakeholders, whether it’s unit owners or management companies, and with the way things are going, the future for the Mollak System seems bright and steady!


What is the Mollak System in Dubai?

The Mollak System is a Dubai Land Department (DLD) initiative designed to manage and monitor service charges for co-owned properties, aiming to enhance transparency and efficiency.

How can unit owners register for the Mollak System?

Unit owners can register by visiting the DLD website or using the Dubai REST app, providing personal information and specific documents. Once approved by the DLD, they can access the Mollak system.

What documents are required for management companies to register with the Mollak System?

Management companies need to provide company details, photos of key staff, and create a DLD-approved bank account for service charge payments. They must also meet specific requirements, including providing expats with residency visas and character certificates.

How can service charges be paid through the Mollak System?

Service charges can be paid through the Mollak system via invoices sent by the DLD. Payment options include the regulated bank account, Noqodi wallets, credit cards, and online banking, but payments can only be collected by RERA-approved management companies.

How can I file complaints related to the Mollak System?

Unit owners can file complaints through the Real Estate Violation System (RVS) for issues like service disconnection. Tenants renting co-owned properties can use the Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) for complaints.

What are the key features of the Mollak System in Dubai?

The Mollak System enhances transparency and efficiency in property-related service costs, promotes communication between property owners and managers, sends quarterly invoices, and offers multiple payment options, setting an efficient standard for managing jointly-owned properties in Dubai.


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